Difference Between Leader and Boss

Leaders and bosses can be the same thing at the same time or two different things, depending on the qualities they have as a person. A leader could be a boss and a boss could be a leader, but not all bosses are leaders. Next we will see the differences between the two. Difference Between Leader and Boss

LEADER  Difference Between Leader and Boss

A leader is a person who inspires, guides and directs a group of people to achieve a purpose or for a common cause. He is someone who is assigned a moral authority and who is followed on his own.

He who is a leader cannot think only of his own benefit, but of all the people he guides. He is a person who leads others without resorting to force or violence.

Some of the characteristics attributed to leaders are: responsible, innovative, inspiring and visionary. You must be an intelligent, charming person, with moral and original principles.

In some cases, people who follow certain leaders may incur fanaticism and idolatry .


A boss is a person who is in charge of a workplace. It could be directly the head of the company or it could be a manager. Employees must answer to the boss and in the same way he must answer to the owners (except in cases where the owner is the same boss).

The bosses work for monetary purposes and they are not the ones who are directly in charge of ensuring the well-being of the people they lead. The authority of the bosses is not granted by the pleasure of the directed people, but these people must submit to the boss’s decisions; although these decisions are not entirely to your liking. A boss always has the last word.

A boss can also be a leader if he can inspire those under his direction. In addition, if you are a person who takes into account the well-being of its employees and seeks that their benefit translates into benefit for the company. However, bosses are generally known to assert their authority, while leaders inspire their followers.

Bosses often just give orders, while leaders set examples with their own actions. A leader is considered to be more effective than a boss, as they are often more productive compared to the latter.

To be one step closer to success, it is best when a person mixes leadership and leadership.

Key difference between leaders and bosses

  • To the leaders, the power is given by the people (their followers), while the bosses impose their authority; regardless of the preferences of the group he leads.
  • Bosses give orders, leaders inspire and set examples to follow.
  • A leader is more effective than a boss.
  • The bosses are not in charge of looking after the well-being of the people, but the leaders take into account the well-being of their followers.

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