Difference between Quiz and Test with key

The definitions of quiz and test bear a certain relationship. Both concepts have to do with tests that are applied with the purpose of measuring either our knowledge, some aspects of the personality .  Difference between Quiz and Test with key

Although they have some similarities, the truth is that there are differences between both types of exams; then we will tell you what they are.

QUIZ  Difference between Quiz and Test with key

A quiz is a quick test that is widely used at the school level. They are small tests, but they are essential to prepare students for the larger and more complicated tests.

They can commonly be in the form of a game, in the style of those trivia games in which the correct answer is selected from multiple options. The quizzes are also held in competitions, in which the participants must respond quickly to the questions.

As mentioned above, quizzes can be a form of game or mental exercise in which participants or players (either in a group or individually), try to solve the questions in the correct way.

In the field of education or pedagogy , they are frequently used as a way to assess and measure the acquired knowledge, skills and abilities of students. They are very useful, since as they are usually applied from time to time; They help to determine how students are developing or evolving in educational matters.


It is a short written or spoken test, which is done to measure a person’s knowledge.

The tests can be longer than the quizzes and follow a focus in their procedure for, through the contents of the same, to measure the knowledge or other aspects of the people.

Likewise, the tests follow a procedure that consists not only in measuring the knowledge and personality traits of individuals, but also determining the quality, performance and reliability of the answers that people give in the test.

Key differences between test and quiz

  1. A quiz is a mental or competitive game (it can also be a quick test used in schools) that is answered in a short time. While a test is a short test (although it can be longer than a quiz), it consists of a series of questions, tasks and problems that must be solved.
  2. Generally, quizzes offer several options including the correct answer, while tests sometimes include problems and questions that require analysis and reasoning to answer them.
  3. The quizzes are used only as games or in schools, while the tests are usually used in academic tests (of higher grades), medicine and in Psychology to measure personality traits.
  4. The tests are usually longer and take longer than the quizzes. 

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