Difference between Risk and Danger

Danger and risk are two words that are often confused due to the similarities observed in their meanings. Both words have to do with things that, if they happened, would not be pleasant for us; however, it is important to understand that despite the resemblance; These concepts refer to different things. Difference between Risk and Danger

Next we are going to clarify any doubts you may have about the difference between risk and danger.

DANGER  Difference between Risk and Danger

When we say that something is dangerous we are referring to that something could have the capacity or the viability of hurting us. Therefore, anything that could harm us is dangerous; either directly or affecting our assets.

The danger does not always reside specifically in things, but in the wrong, insecure or negligent way in which we handle and interact with them. For example, a boat in itself is not dangerous; but it is dangerous to go out in it when there are strong storms.

Look at these examples

  • 1. She knows the danger she faces if she runs down the stairs.
  • 2. That dog of my neighbors is a danger to chickens.

As you can see, in these sentences the word “danger” is used to indicate that there is a way that something bad or unwanted could happen.

There are many dangerous things, various kinds of dangers; In addition, different causes of danger and human beings cannot prevent these from existing, but we can reduce the  risks  that something affects us.


Unlike danger, which has to do with the ‘probability of harm’, risk has to do with the possibility of harm occurring.

Note:  probability and possibility are not the same. The probability can be quantified, whereas the possibility is something qualitative. For example, if in the lottery you go to number 2 and they use a raffle with numbers from 1 to 100; the probability that 2 will roll is 1/100 (one in a hundred). The number you played may not come out, but is there a chance that this one will come out? of course yes (the answer to this question does not require numbers, it is solved with a simple yes or no). As long as the number you go to is in the raffle, there is a chance that it will be the winner.

Look at these examples

  • 1. Obese people are at high risk for diabetes .
  • 2. The policy covers all types of risks.
  • As you can see, in these sentences the word risk is used in the sense of “possibility” that harm will occur.

Key differences between danger and risk

  1. Danger is the probability of harm, while risk is the possibility of harm occurring. (See the note explaining the difference between probability and possibility.

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