Difference between Science and Philosophy

There is a clear distinction between them without any doubt. The problem is that  confusion is generated many times between them due to the interrelation between both concepts which can be a bit confusing for many; especially since there are many discussions around them. In most cases science relies on philosophy.


Science is more like the human mind and philosophy could be compared to the human heart. It tries to understand and explain natural phenomena. It is concerned with testable hypotheses and empirical evidence. By “empirical” we mean “that can be observed or experienced.” On the contrary, philosophy is more abstract. However, philosophy is a branch of thought, uses reasoning to analyze problems related to: logic, metaphysics, language, epistemology, ethics, aesthetics, and some other disciplines.

Science uses methods to explain phenomena and also to understand. It is aimed at predicting how phenomena will behave in the future and how they were in the past based on its discoveries. Science is very objective and it focuses on the reality of the human being and demands .

In science, as new discoveries are made, theories are succeeding or changing for others, while in philosophy this does not always happen.


Philosophy arises first than science, it uses questions and a series of experiments through logical and dialectical arguments. Therefore, philosophy works through the implementation of logical analysis which has reason as a tool. Science has studied it in different ways under different tests and assumptions. This difference between the two processes allows them to work interdependently and thus achieve better results.

Philosophy Encyclopedia, leaves, and wisdom under Newtonian and self-emerging position, according to concepts (i.e. utilitarianism). Show the rules that should be correct. These principles are not really completely correct or correct, but try to improve the human condition. It even shows people how they should or shouldn’t act. 

How can philosophy help clarify or explain problems? In this way, philosophy helps to answer questions that cannot be answered by mere experience and observation. Keep your explanations based on arguments and principles. Science, on the other hand, has the potential to gain more knowledge through its scientific method. Because of experience and observation.

Key Differences Difference between Science and Philosophy

  1. Philosophy is more abstract, science is more objective. 
  2. Second one follows research methods, while philosophy uses reason.
  3. Science seeks to explain the phenomena that affect people, while philosophy serves as a guide for people.
  4. In science, ideas take the place of others when there are new discoveries that disprove the former, whereas in philosophy this is not necessarily the case.
  5. Science bases its explanations on experimentation and observation, while second one is based on principles and discussions.
  6. Philosophy makes use of logical and dialectical arguments, while the other subject  uses hypotheses and tests.

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