Difference between Skinny and Slim Jeans

Have you ever used the terms skinny or slim interchangeably to refer to a person’s body shape? If you did, you should know that these concepts have different meanings and that depending on the context, an error may be incurred if their differences are not known.  Difference between Skinny and Slim Jeans

In this article we are going to explain what the difference is between thin and skinny, so that you understand how people who have one or another body structure differ.

SKINNY  Difference between Skinny and Slim Jeans

When this word is used to describe the figure of a person , it generally means that the person weighs less than ideally they should.

It means that the person is weak in appearance and may refer to malnutrition. This term often carries a negative connotation. It is often used in a pejorative way, especially to refer to some women.

“Skinny” usually describes an emaciated woman whose bones are visibly protruding.


The word “thin” is used to refer to a person whose figure is between filling (plump, as they say) and skinny. A slim person is slim, and has a weight and proportions that are appropriate for their size.

Today, many men and women want to be slim; but few people want to be skinny. In today’s society, being slim is even a sexy thing. Thin is desirable and attractive.

Another way of understanding what we have explained so far is the following: thin is the opposite of thick (plump) and skinny is the opposite of fat.

Together these two words are helpful because they can help individuals distinguish between different body types.

Key differences between skinny and slim

  1. A skinny person is one who has almost no fat in his body, while a thin person is one who has low levels of fat.
  2. A skinny person is one who is underweight for their size, while a slim person has an adequate weight and a slim figure.
  3. “Skinny” has a negative connotation, while “skinny” is the adjective that many people want applied to them.
  4. Examples: Actress Keira Knightley is skinny, while Jennifer Lawrence is skinny.

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