What is the major difference between Theft and Robbery

Theft or robbery are common terms that refer to the fact of seizing something foreign, be it money or any type of property, without permission from the owners. But, everything and that they have a very similar meaning, these two concepts do not mean the same or have the same criminal consequences. Many people are not even aware of them. In this article we explain the differences between both concepts and all their peculiarities.

What is a larceny?

Theft is a type of robbery that does not involve violence or force, either physical or verbal, or any type of intimidation. For example, if our wallet is taken from us in the subway without our noticing, it would clearly be theft.

The monetary amount or the value of the stolen property, as well as the repetition, determine the degree of theft and the sanctions and penalties vary depending on the specific laws of each country. In most countries, such as the case of Spain, convictions for committing a theft do not go beyond mere financial penalties. Taking into account that the majority of people who carry out these acts are insolvent, it is not surprising that they are repeated with total impunity.

What is a Robatorio?

Unlike theft, it is a type of robbery that involves violence, either physical or verbal, or any type of intimidation. Since the danger of robbery is much greater than that of theft, the sentences for it are much stricter, being considered a crime. For example, and starting from the previous case, if they take away our wallet in the subway threatening us with a knife, it would clearly be a crime of robbery.

The penalties applied to this type of crime will depend on the severity of the threats and violence used, as well as the value of the stolen goods or services. Likewise, the penalties will be different according to the penal code and the laws of each country, which will normally involve months or years in jail.  

Examples of Robbery and Theft

Imagine that you leave the house in such a hurry that you inadvertently leave the door open. With such bad luck that a person passes by who, seeing the open door, decides to sneak into your house and take away some belongings such as TV, jewelry or money. This case is clearly a robbery and the theft of property has been the result of carelessness and has not involved force, violence or intimidation. It is time to cross your fingers that your home insurance considers this damage.

On the other hand, imagine that someone sneaks into your home after breaking the lock or a window and, in a flash, leaves you without your most valuable belongings. This case would be a robbery since the thief has used force to enter your house. You are committing a crime, which is aggravated if someone is at home while committing this act. 

When it comes to home insurance, it is very important that you know the differences between these two concepts. Depending on the policy contracted, you will have coverage or not in both setbacks and it is better that you distinguish them in advance to be able to contract the insurance that best suits your needs.

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