Telegram vs WhatsApp 2020 with features

Currently, WhatsApp and Telegram are fighting a huge battle when it comes to applications. Both applications are as similar as they are different. This, added to their constant evolution, makes it difficult to highlight the main differences. But which courier service is better? Stay and discover all its peculiarities. Telegram vs WhatsApp 2020 with features

WhatsApp, the benchmark messaging APP

There is no doubt that WhatsApp is currently the undisputed leader in messaging applications. The main reason is its huge user base. Who hits first, hits twice and WhatsApp has taken over the market for several years. Everyone is in this application. In 2018 it exceeded a whopping 1,500 million users.

Telegram, the aspiring APP to lead the market

Telegram is a simple, cross-platform messaging service with a security focus and a variety of additional features like programmable bots, allowing users to highly customize how they communicate with others. This App reached 200 million users last year. A figure that aspires to grow exponentially thanks to the use of this application in massive groups, since it does not have a user limit. This is where we find one of the great differences with its competitor and one of the points that can tip the balance in the war of messaging applications.

What is Telegram? Telegram vs WhatsApp 2020 with features

If you do not know this APP or you have just downloaded it and want to learn how it works, we recommend that you watch this video tutorial:

Telegram vs WhatsApp  Telegram vs WhatsApp 2020 with features

Main features of WhatsApp :  Telegram vs WhatsApp 2020 with features

  • Groups limited to 256 members
  • Any contact can add you to a group
  • File sending limited to certain formats and weight (100 Mb)
  • It is not multi-device
  • History of messages stored on the device
  • It has voice and video calls
  • All groups are bi-directional
  • Does not allow editing messages once sent
  • Lower message encryption security than Telegram
  • It is necessary to keep the mobile device to run the application on other devices

Telegram main features :

  • Groups with virtually no user limitation
  • Preferences that allow you to filter that they add you in groups
  • You can send any type of file. Up to 1.5 GB
  • It is multi-device
  • Message history stored in the cloud and accessible to all group members
  • It does not have video calls
  • Possibility of creating one-way public and private channels
  • Allows you to edit messages once they are sent
  • Strong message encryption security
  • Possibility of execution on all most devices

What is better? Telegram or WhatsApp?

It becomes difficult to answer the question of which application is better. These two messaging apps, all and being very similar, have different characteristics. Therefore, depending on the needs of each user, one will be better. Telegram seems to have better performance when it comes to messaging. For its part, the large community of WhatsApp users perpetuate its dominance thanks to the need to remain there.

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